On Monday morning, Lori Lightfoot officially became the 56th mayor of Chicago, and the city’s first African-American and openly gay female mayor.

In Lightfoot’s inauguration speech, she noted that the city had just begun, when comes to revitalization, as well as curbing the gun violence that has plagued the city.

“In this moment, I can’t help but look at all of you and think about what lies ahead and what we can be together,” she said.

Lightfoot also weighed in on the fiscal issues that Chicago have faced over the last administration and said “we must tackle this problem head-on.”

“We have an outsize structural deficit, a persistent and growing pension debt, and other costs that that threatens our financial stability,” she said. “We are spending a significant percentage of every dollar just to service our pension debt alone and too much of that money is being sent to banks and Wall Street bond firms instead of going to our rebuild our neighborhoods, reduce our property taxes and revitalize our transportation system.” 

In attendance, was Lightfoot’s 90-year-old mother, as well as her wife and daughter.

View Lightfoot’s inauguration below.


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