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'Thank You': Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris Inspires Young Girls To Dream [WATCH]

In this powerful, touching video, young Black and brown girls share how proud they are of Harris and how much representation matters.

From the moment Vice President-elect Kamala Harris stepped foot on the national stage, many girls, specifically Black and brown girls, saw in her a super hero, a possibility, and an aspiration.

Because representation matters. It matters to young Black and brown girls who have not seen themselves in positions of power. It matters to young Black and brown girls whose race and gender have been weaponized against them in ways that they might not even see or know—yet.

It matters because, Black and brown girls were introduced to the possibility of dreams they may not have even dreamed—which allows those dreams to grow even bigger.

In the video below, they share what the election of the nation’s first Black Vice President, the nation’s first South Asian Vice President, and the nation’s first woman Vice President means to them.

They say thank you to Vice President-elect Harris for making history and giving them permission to do the same.

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