HBCU students from across the country are joining forces to encourage voting among their peers, family and the Black community as a whole.

Led by iconic Civil Rights leader and Congressman John Lewis, nearly 800 students from HBCUs in the battleground states of Florida and North Carolina took to the streets of Daytona on Tuesday for a massive march to the polls in an effort to encourage voting. 

“There’s not anything more powerful, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would say, than the marching feet of a determined people. I know something about marching,” Lewis told News 13. The empowering demonstration comes right on the heels of multiple reports suggesting that Black voter turnout for early voting is significantly lower than usual.

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Actress Aja Naomi King and Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry also joined the students during the march.

Participating colleges included Bethune-Cookman University and North Carolina Central.