Jenifer Lewis Urges Everyone To Vote With ‘In These Streets’ Remix

If you haven’t seen Jenifer Lewis‘ hilarious “In These Streets” videos, then you’re really missing out.

For her recent “In These Streets” remix, the Black-ish actress urges everyone to hit the streets and vote. “I don’t who you are or where you work, get your ass out and vote,” she sings, “This ain’t the election to sit home and lurk, get your ass out and vote!”

I like to keep it simple. But I mean this! #VOTE #so #important #inthesestreets #getyourassoutandVOTE @4everbrandy

A video posted by Jenifer Lewis (@jeniferlewisforreal) on

“I like to keep it simple. But I mean this! #VOTE #so #important #inthesestreets #getyourassoutandVOTE,” she captioned the video, reminding people to “get out and vote, in these streets.”

Lewis has made a number of hilarious videos that include appearances by Brandy, Roz Ryan, Todrick Hall, and a slew of others. Maybe we can get a compilation album of “In These Streets” remixes before the year is over.

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And, while Grandma Ruby’s political leanings might still be a bit murky, Lewis definitely won’t be voting for Trump.