Black Twitter Strikes Again, Compares Hillary Clinton Debate Outfits to Death Row Records Members
Ty Wright/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Leave it up to Black Twitter to take something that was furthest from our minds and leave us in tears of laughter over how accurate it is.
That was the case on Thursday when a meme surfaced of Senator Hillary Clinton rocking outfits that look hilariously similar to Death Row Records’ Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight. 

The first example shows a very enthusiastic Clinton strutting in an all-white suit similar to Tupac’s all-white three piece ensemble — and it’s so on point.
Next, we see Clinton twinning with the infamous Suge Knight as he poses on a cover of The Source.
Last but certainly not least, there is an uncanny resemblance between Snoop Dogg and Clinton’s black-and-white looks. The only thing Clinton is missing is a top hat and a diamond chain.
It goes without saying that Clinton has no official affiliation with Death Row Records, but we can’t deny that they do seem to share a sense of fashion.
We’re not quite sure how someone was able to pinpoint these similarities, however we’re so grateful thet did. 


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