A Global Risk? 7 Things That Could Happen When Donald Trump Is Elected

As the election finally comes to a close, we will all take a sigh of relief as we close out what feels like one of the longest running presidential campaigns in history.

While polls are indicating a victory for Hillary Clinton, the lead between her and Donald Trump may be closer than we think. That has some, like the Economist Intelligence Unit, fearing for the worst. Earlier this year, they listed Trump as one of the top 10 global risks in the world.

But could things get that bad?

Here are seven things that could happen during a Trump Presidency.

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1. Stock Market Volatility

Over 370 economists have agreed that nothing is worse for the economy than a Trump presidency. They literally banded together to write a letter denouncing his Presidency. “Donald Trump is a dangerous, destructive choice for the country. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you do not vote for Donald Trump.” Ouch.

2. Hostile Relationships with Foreign Leaders

We already know that Trump is BFF with Russian President Vladimir Putin but what about other world leaders?  We kind of got a sense of how they feel when German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier called Donald Trump a hate preacher and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte calling the United States “lost.”

3. Increased Threats Against the Lives of Minorities

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Trump’s campaign has openly stated that he doesn’t want Muslims or Mexicans in the United States. Plus, the fact that he loves saying ‘the African-Americans’ and ‘The Blacks’ is also very alarming. His campaign was even endorsed by the KKK. With Trump holding the highest office in the land, we can expect more racial attacks on minorities across the United States.

4. Forced Constitutional Changes – 1st Amendment/Civil Rights

Trump has already expressed that he believes the first amendment in his words “goes too far.” That’s not going to win over any free speech advocates, but it can open up a can of worms that we don’t want. With the recent gutting of the Voting Rights Act, we don’t want Trump anywhere near the Constitution.

5. Increased Sexual Harassment Against Women

Trump has literally been caught on tape bragging about sexual assault. He had a rape trial looming before the plaintiff dropped the case amid death threats. If this man can be elected to the highest office in the land, what does that say to sexual assault survivors? More importantly, it makes perpetrators believe that their behaviors are acceptable it isn’t.

6. The legacy of President Obama Goes Up in Smoke

President Obama has accomplished so much in his eight years: affordable care act, gay marriage, unemployment at the lowest its been in years and so much more. Electing Donald Trump would literally set America decades and will be remembered as the country that elected the first Black President but then elected a bigot right after.

7. The Reality That the World Would Rather Elect a Bigot Than a Woman

If anything, the biggest thing we can take away from a Trump presidency is the fact that America would rather elect a sexist, xenophobic bigot over a woman with 30 years of experience.  That would be the world that we’re living in.