The results of the 2016 presidential election left many voters concerned with the validity of the country’s election process, and the latest polling statistics prove there’s much to discuss.

The country’s current election process was supposedly designed as one that allows the president to be chosen for the people, by the people. While there’s certainly more than a few instances in election history that have given us reason to believe otherwise, the most recent MSNBC voter turnout statistics for the 2016 election may be the most telling yet.

As noted in the screenshot below, the findings reveal that 46.9 percent of eligible voters didn’t vote at all.



Political party affiliations and aggressive GOP voter suppression tactics targeting people of color and women aside, there’s something extremely troubling about a president being determined with numbers like these. Even if Hillary Clinton had been the victorious nominee, how does it make sense to have any President-“elect” in office when over 46 percent of the country they were campaigning to run didn’t even vote?

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If the country’s leaders really want voters to believe they are for the people, it seems some significant changes will need to be made in how they are selected. The people have spoken through their silence – and the message is loud and clear.