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Donald Trump Wants To Limit Free Speech Protections Under The First Amendment

The Republican presidential candidate says the media has too much freedom.
Donald Trump Wants To Limit Free Speech Protections Under The First Amendment
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Donald Trump is continuing to blame everyone but himself for the barrage of sexual assault allegations and negative attention that has come his way during his campaign for the presidency.

In a recent interview with CBS Miami affiliate station WFOR, Trump said he wholeheartedly agreed with the notion that the First Amendment provides “too much protection” for free speech. Not surprisingly, he further clarified his comments to add he thinks it should be easier to pursue legal action against media companies, noting that the media is “allowed to say whatever they want” under current law.

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The reality star turned Republican presidential candidate also offered an alternative to the current process, suggesting that the United States adapt a law similar to the one in England, in which someone who sues a media company “has a good chance of winning.” Despite his persistent criticism of the media throughout the course of his presidential campaign, Trump still insists that he is a “tremendous believer of the freedom of the press.”

Trump’s criticism of the First Amendment comes on the heels of his equally-critical commentary about the U.S. electoral process, after it was revealed that he was behind in the polls last week. It seems the practice of scrutinizing processes that no longer work to his benefit is a key strategy for The Donald.