Donald Trump: “I’m The Least Racist Person You’ve Ever Met”
Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Donald Trump has done many things throughout the course of his presidential campaign to support the notion that he embraces racist ideologies and discriminatory policies, but despite that fact, he insists that he’s not racist.

Following a disastrous showing against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at Wednesday night’s third and final presidential debate, Trump held a campaign rally in Ohio on Thursday. Clinton and Trump are reportedly neck and neck in Ohio, according to the latest polls, so he visited the state yet again in hopes of swaying more voters in his direction as the election nears. 

Just before the rally, the GOP candidate found himself in the hot seat while addressing reporters. WCMH-TV Columbus reporter Colleen Marshall attempted to question Trump about being labeled “racist” and “sexist” for his many questionable comments during his campaign run, prompting Trump to cut the conversation short with a “thank you very much,” while beginning to walk away. 

As she followed up to ask how he responds to those criticisms, he paused and added, “I am the least racist person you’ve ever met.”

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The entire country has witnessed Donald Trump make outwardly offensive and racist comments about people of color, including Muslims, African-Americans and Latinos. Moreover, he has repeatedly failed to denounce public support from known White supremacists and others who have made their racism plain. Lastly, he’s stated several times that one of the things on his to-do list should he be elected president will be to implement nationwide ‘stop and frisk’ legislation. If Trump is really planning to peddle the narrative that he’s “the least racist person you’ve ever met,” he may want to have his actions – and documented history showing otherwise – line up with his words.