Donald Trump Kicks Black Supporter Out Of Campaign Rally After Calling Him “A Thug”
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

It seems being a black Donald Trump supporter bears the same consequences as being a demonstrator.

Just ask North Carolina resident C.J. Cary. Cary attended a Trump rally in Kinston on Wednesday to show his support and hopefully share his advice on how to gain the trust of several key demographics that Trump has done much to alienate throughout the course of his campaign for the presidency.

What happened instead seemed to see Trump show his true colors with regard to what he really thinks about Black people when not reading from a teleprompter or prepared speech notes.

Standing a few feet from the stage, Cary waved a piece of paper towards Trump while shouting his name. Trump responded by calling Cary “a thug,” and asking whether or not he had been paid to “protest” at the rally before instructing security to remove him altogether. Watch the telling moment in the video clip below.


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Cary said he still plans to vote for Trump despite the embarassing incident. According to The Raleigh News & Observer, the ex-Marine said he merely wanted to offer his advice to the candidate and encourage him to have more regard for African-Americans, women, college students and people with disabilities.

This charming display of affection for a Black supporter from Trump comes just days after he announced his “new deal for Black America,”in which he attempts to appeal to African-American voters as the country prepares to head to the polls on November 8. In reality, a recent CBS News poll showed Trump to have the support of only four percent of African-American voters.


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