Did Donald Trump Just Body Shame Hillary Clinton? This Clip Sure Sounds Like It
Getty Images

Donald Trump has done little to convince women that he truly has their best interest in mind during his campaign for the presidency and he recently did the exact opposite of that yet again.

While much of the country is still processing the recent resurfacing of a 2005 tape that heard Trump make explicitly lewd comments about groping women, the Republican Presidential Nominee is seemingly continuing to put his foot in his mouth. Speaking at a rally in Greensboro, NC on Friday about his interaction with Secretary Hillary Clinton during the second round of presidential debates earlier this month, Trump took things to a new low.

Obviously attempting to appease and humor his crowd of supporters, he took aim at Clinton’s appearance on the night of the debate, noting that he “wasn’t impressed.” 

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Trump’s body shaming of Clinton comes on the heels of several women speaking out to accuse him of either sexual assault or sexual misconduct on some level within in the last week. The allegations surfaced shortly after the 2005 tape was made public in early October 2016.