President Trump Thinks Obama Is Behind All the Protesting In the Country
Win McNamee

Apparently, we’ve been bamboozled.

While the rest of us thought former President Barack Obama was going on daddy-daughter dates, getting a tan and enjoying coffee runs as a citizen, he’s been plotting against the man. According to President Donald Trump, Obama has been staging protests across the country in opposition to his policies.

In a recent interview with Fox News, the president actually said on camera that he believes Obama is organizing to bring him down.

“No, I think he is behind it, because his people are certainly behind it,” he said about the unrest in this country over his immigration ban, fight against Obamacare, trans-phobic bathroom policy, rhetoric toward the media and other highly controversial executive orders and federal appointments. 

“And some of the [White House dealings] leaks possibly come from that group. Which are very serious leaks, because they’re really bad in terms of national security. I also understand that’s politics in terms of him being behind things, that’s politics. And it will probably continue.”

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As noted by The Guardian, Republicans and rightwing media outlets have accused the former president of directing the demonstrations though a group called Organizing for Action (OFA), a progressive group that grew out of Obama’s presidential campaigns. It is chaired by Jim Messina, who was Obama’s deputy chief of staff during his first term and his campaign manager during the 2012 election. 

There is no proof the 44th president is involved with OFA.

What is factual is that Barack and Michelle Obama recently signed a publishing and speaking tour deal with the Creative Arts Agency, moved into their Washington, D.C. home, are enjoying time with their kids and are still working to promote some of their health initiatives.

We doubt he has time to organize nationwide protests and White House leaks.