“From the Base to the Face of the Democratic Party: Black Women Respond to the Vice Presidential Debate” is the 17th episode of our Under the Blacklight series. The series lifts up thinking that addresses the current crises through a fully intersectional lens.

We curate real-time conversations that are both rigorous and accessible to a wide and diverse audience. Among our listeners are teachers and students, activists, artists, policymakers, advocates, and community stakeholders.

The audience has been actively engaged during the webinars through Twitter and the Youtube livestream. Joined by Barbara Arnwine, Alicia Garza, Rep. Barbara Lee and Kirsten West Savali, at a time of profound discord and uncertainty, Kimberlé Crenshaw and this star-studded panel come together following the Vice Presidential debate to analyze the recent upheavals in American politics, and look ahead to November 3rd’s election.

“Already a pattern has developed in which Black women who are journalists, elected officials and academics serve as informants to conversations in which they are underrepresented,” Crenshaw said in statement. “It was past time to bring Black women together to discuss the politics, the election, Kamala Harris’s historic run and the intersections of race and gender playing out in the presidential campaign.”


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