When Donald Trump leaned into the microphone to interrupt Hillary Clinton by calling her a “nasty woman” for her audacity to point out that Trump has, for a number of years, avoided to pay income tax during Wendesday night’s debate, Clinton continued to finish her statement – unbothered, unfazed and unaffected.

We too are unfazed by Trump’s demonstration of peacock feathers and crybaby antics. In fact, we’re jamming to our very own “nasty woman” playlist.

Trump shouldn’t have given us the ammo.

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We’re starting it out with Janet Jackson’s “Nasty Boys.”

Segueing into Prince protégés Vanity 6’s “Nasty Girl.”

And now and again we rebuke it in the name of Destiny’s Child: “Nasty Girl.”

But whether we’re in a nasty mood or not, don’t you ever forget – We’ll let PTAF tell you.

“Exactly. Can’t wait til November 9!” – Condi Rice