Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Says Trump Threatens ‘Decades Of Progress’
Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee urged African-Americans to go out and vote during a recent event at the African-American Museum of Iowa in Cedar Rapids on Sunday.

The congresswoman told the crowd that Trump is threatening “decades of progress” with his harmful rhetoric, which promotes racism, sexism, and xenophobia. Jackson also explained that there is a “whole lot to lose” under a Trump presidency and praised Democratic presidents since Lyndon B. Johnson. She says several presidents since Johnson “have moved the ball forward for African Americans, for all Americans,” adding that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is helping to build a bridge between communities.

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Jackson added that Clinton understands the Black community better than Trump, who seems to think of Black Americans only as people struggling in inner cities and living off government programs. “She [Clinton] knows what our struggles have been,” she said. “She lives every minute not dividing, but uniting.”

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