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Common Delivers Some Common Sense On Election 2016 - 'Donald Trump Is Not Prepared To Be A President'

Common wants a president that actually has policies and a plan.
Common Delivers Some Common Sense On Election 2016 – ‘Donald Trump Is Not Prepared To Be A President’
Heidi Gutman/ABC via Getty Images

Rapper and actor Common stopped by ABC’s The View Tuesday afternoon to “take on a tragic hot topic that’s become all too common in this country: Black Americans killed by police violence.”

Before the Oscar winner could discuss the current racial climate in America, Whoopi Goldberg asked the entertainer what he thought of the first presidential debate, which took place earlier this week. Not one to hold his tongue when it comes to racial or political issues, the Chicago native replied with no hesitation.

Donald Trump is not prepared to be a president. He’s not that type of person that should be a president,” Common told The View.

“I was really a virgin watching the debate because I had never watched the Democratic debate or the Republican debate. I really got to see why Hillary Clinton is a better candidate.”

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Passionate about the importance of this year’s presidential election, Common honed in on Trump’s inability to understand policy or the real concept of making America great again. 

“I mean, I obviously knew that but to hear him say phrases like ‘law and order’ and ‘make America great again’ and not have any idea about policies and never said anything concrete…With me, as someone just coming in for the first time to really try to see what his perspective is – it just revealed everything, and it made me sad about America.” 

Watch Common’s full appearance on The View above.