Donald Trump’s attacks on Black women have become commonplace as of late. Last week his target was the women of the White House press corps. This week he’s set his sights on Brenda Snipes, the election official in charge of Broward County.

In an interview this week with the Daily Caller, Trump said of Snipes, “She’s a disaster,” and called on her to be fired from her position. His animosity for the election head appointed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in 2003, stems from the ongoing vote debacle plaguing both the senate and gubernatorial races in the Sunshine State. To date, neither races have been called, but Republican candidates lead in both.

In a tweet earlier this week, Trump accused Snipes and election officials in Palm Beach of delaying tallies to “find votes,” further alluding to an attempt to throw the election by adding votes in favor of Democratic candidates. It’s a sentiment he held on to during his interview.  

“You can only put in so many votes, although she may change that system,” Trump said of the embattled election official.” His words further vilify the woman who, since Midterms, has received daily calls to step down, and has endured chants from protestors yelling “Lock her up.”

On Tuesday when speaking to reporters, it was clear that the registered Democrat was aware of the controversy surrounding her. According to CNN Snipes told them, “It is time to move on, to let someone else (do the job).” Speaking to Chris Cuomo on Wednesday, Snipes further elaborated saying, “I’m thinking about many things. I have not made any decisions. Whatever I do, I will contemplate it very carefully and make what I think is the correct decision for me.”  


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