Betsy DeVos Rounded Out Black History Month With Alternate Facts On HBCU’s And Jim Crow
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On Monday, Betsy DeVos painfully blundered when she described historically black colleges and universities as “pioneers when it comes to school choice.” Following a meeting between Donald Trump and several university leaders, DeVos released the offensive statement that glossed over the African American struggle with Jim Crow and segregation laws that prevented Black students from attending white schools.
Trump’s cabinet pick for education also stated that HBCU’s “started from the fact that there were too many students in America who did not have equal access to education.” The hollow attempt to tie Black people’s fight for educational freedom to her controversial school choice policies backfired and DeVos was forced to renege. She later attempted to clarify her statements on twitter.   Many were unforgiving to Betsy and her tone deaf characterization of HBCU’s and took to Twitter to sound off on the Education Secretary.   Some couldn’t believe that the person in charge of the country’s education painted such an inaccurate picture of American history. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news.     Most were simply ashamed of her comments. In perhaps an appropriate twist of irony, this isn’t the first time DeVos’ and Jim Crow have been a part of the public discourse. If you recall, a cartoon depicting Betsy DeVos in the same way as civil rights hero Ruby Bridges received heavy criticism.     You would think Betsy DeVos would be more knowledgeable about Jim Crow and segregation after that incident.


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