CNN Political Commentator Angela Rye Slams Twitter Trolls For Questioning Her Intelligence
Larry French/Getty Images for SiriusXM
The level of disdain many Americans have for Donald Trump has reached new heights in light of his recent suggestion to have Russia spy on the U.S. to access Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and CNN political commentator Angela Rye summed up pretty much everyone’s sentiments towards him during a television appearance earlier this week. In a clip that’s quickly making its way around the Internet, Angela is one of four political analysts seen engaging in a discussion about the presidential qualifications of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during an airing of CNN Tonight. As the their discussion heats up, conservative correspondent Kayleigh McEnany is heard going to bat for Trump while criticizing Hillary’s foreign policy track record. When host Don Lemon counters her comments by pointing out a few of Hillary’s achievements outside of the foreign policy arena, Kayleigh responds by saying: “Donald Trump’s done great things in his private time too.” Although Angela was visibly annoyed with Kayleigh’s commentary for much for the segment, her facial expression at the mere mention of the ‘selfless acts’ of Donald Trump was priceless and right on time. Shortly after the clip began to circulate on social media, Angela was met with criticism from Trump supporters as well as the Twitter troll community in general. As you might expect, she wasn’t one to sit in silence and was quick to diplomatically put a few folks in check as her mentions lit up on Wednesday morning. When she’s not weighing in on CNN or getting people together on Twitter, Angela splits her time as an NPR political analyst and CEO of the Black-owned political consulting firm, IMPACT Strategies, in Washington, DC.

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