Police Officer in Sandra Bland Case Accuses Officials of Cover-Up

Prairie View police officer Michael Kelley is speaking out about what really happened during the arrest of Sandra Bland. He is accusing law officials of covering up what he witnessed during Bland’s detainment.

Kelley tells HuffPost that portions of his original incident report, which reflected poorly on the arresting trooper were omitted. He also claims he was threatened by Waller County prosecutor for recounting the events of what happened the day Bland was violently arrested.

HuffPost reports that “by the time Kelley arrived on the scene of what began as a traffic stop, he said that Bland was already handcuffed in the back of a squad car. He said he overheard Encinia, who had turned of his own body camera, admitting that he didn’t know what charge to lodge against Bland, but declaring that he’d come up with something.” These details were omitted in the final report. 

“My opinion is that he messed up,” Kelley told HuffPost. “He did not have probable cause to detain her after he pulled her out of the car.”

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He also believed that it looked like Bland had been struck in the head, an observation also removed from the report.

“She had a large mark on her head. Maybe she fell when she was in handcuffs. Maybe she got kicked,” Kelley speculated. Bland would not cooperate with emergency medical workers, though she complained of head pain. 

Kelley states that his two-page report was whittled down to less than a page and entered into the official record without his approval, and that he was threatened from testifying before the grand jury.

Kelley was indicted for allegedly misusing a Taser on a Black Prairie View city councilman, which he believes happened because he spoke out about Sandra Bland.

Waller County District Attorney, Elton Mathis disclaims Kelley’s accusations as “fictional accounts.”

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