A Seattle police officer is under review after a passerby’s camera phone caught him punching a 17-year-old Black girl in the face. The footage shows the girl trying to separate her friend, Marilyn Levias, 19, from the officer and later pushing him. The officer, Ian Wyatt, then responds by punching her in the face. The incident occurred this past Monday after Wyatt approached a group of girls who jaywalked across the street instead of using a pedestrian walkway. The Seattle Police Officers Guild says Wyatt’s only mistake was waiting too long to use force. “If they had an abrasion or scrape or whatever, oh, well,” the Guild’s Rich O’Neill told CBS News. “They should have thought of that when they put their hands on the officer.” Passerby’s reaction to the punch wasn’t as cool. “Are you serious? Are you serious” someone off camera can be heard saying. Both Levias and her friend were later arrested and charged with obstructing an officer and third-degree assualt. Do you think the cop used excessive force or was it warranted?