Nicki Minaj may be in hot water with authorities over an altercation with her maid.

According to police, the worker allegedly pulled a photo of Minaj out of the trash and asked the “Super Bass” artist to sign it. That didn’t sit too well with the rap star, who promptly fired her.

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TMZ reports that the maid later returned to the star’s home and Minaj became upset and demanded that she leave. However, reports are surfacing that it was a case of mistaken identity.

The woman who showed up at the house was not the maid she originally fired. The unidentified woman “stood her ground” and essentially demanded that she not be “treated like an animal.” The argument escalated and Minaj allegedly fired back, “I’ll show you how to treat someone like an animal… get the f***k out of my house!”

Unfortunately, the drama didn’t end there. Minaj’s boyfriend soon got into the situation and began pushing the woman with his body. The woman’s boss eventually called the police and filed a battery report, but authorities decided not to arrest anyone.

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Negative news surrounding the rapper keeps popping up. First it was the alleged fight with her boyfriend in a hotel room and now this. We hope fame isn’t going to her head.

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