I’ve gained some weight. Thank goodness I am tall and it’s distributed throughout my body, however, my stomach is NOT flat and I do not like it! But… I must be honest, I am to blame and I know where I’ve gone wrong. Therefore, I don’t spend a lot of time obsessing over it. PAUSE ~ I am so over women who spend every minute talking about what they are eating, have eaten or won’t eat. I mean if you are eating a cupcake or a bag a chips or a nice wholesome meal and in between each bite you remind yourself and everyone around you that you don’t need to eat it, why bother?!?! You’ve ruined a perfectly good meal and mine for that matter with all that talking! PLAY~ Lately, I have not been happy when I see my profile in the mirror. I need to get back on track. I have been slacking in the gym and eating a bunch of garbage. I’ve told you a million times, I love me. I am a work in progress and I always have things I want to improve upon. My stomach happens to be in the forefront of my mind today.

The other day, Cullen and I were chillin’ in the house. I was walking around in one of my normal house outfits. PAUSE ~ Ladies… please hear me on this one. If you started off your relationship prancing around the house in teddies, cute boy shorts and tank tops please, please, please don’t convert to oversized T-shirts and granny panties as the relationship develops. Keep it SEXY and CUTE! I have heard one too many women advise me that their man doesn’t care what she looks like at home. Okay, if you say so… I’m not saying that he will leave or step out on you because you’re not well kept at home.

I’m just saying men are visual creatures.

More often than not he fell for you because of the TOTAL package. Your looks, your conversation, your motivation, your swag, your intellect… the way you move in the office, in the bedroom, in the kitchen and in the street. If you used to maintain your nails, hair and bikini line, don’t stop now that you’ve locked him down. That is part of who you are. And honestly, it isn’t about him! I don’t know about you, but I like keeping myself up! I enjoy taking care of me! Don’t let life allow you to lose focus on you. KEEP IT TIGHT! PLAY ~

So there I was in my cotton lace thongs and flip-flops walking around lost in my own thoughts. I was leaving the kitchen after one of our “kitchen convos”. PAUSE ~ Cullen and I can get lost in conversation with each other, regardless of location. There are times when we stand in the kitchen snacking on trail mix and a Blue Moon for 20 minutes. Why? I have a bed, sofas, dining room chairs, etc., on which we can sit and chat, but we seize the moment when it meets us. PLAY ~ After a few emotional testimonies, laughs, adoring gestures and kisses in the kitchen, I turned and walked away. I am jolted out of my own thoughts when I hear, “Damn!  Look at you. It’s like I got an upgrade. I love that body!” Well, well, well.

Don’t get it twisted… I am still concerned with my stomach and I still want to and will work it out… for ME! However, knowing my man loves me and my body makes me smile; inside and out!

A quick shoulder shrug and a cute side smile… (and a wink to my thick and healthy girls!)

XO ~


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