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Plus-Size Model in the City: I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Sleeping with or going on a few dates with a man doesn't make him yours... 
Have you ever HEARD it through the grapevine that “so and so” doesn’t like you or that “so and so” has dedicated a ridiculous amount of time to attempting to discredit you and your character? How did you react? Most recently, I laughed. HARD.

I am amazed by the energy that people give you — even when you give them none! It’s funny to me that a person could spend so much time talking and thinking about my thoughts, and I hadn’t even stumbled upon them.

It reminds me of SOME relationships and breakups. Have you ever broken up with a person and spent days, weeks, and months in the house depressed? I mean, you can’t even muster the energy to go out with your friends. And if work didn’t pay the bills, you wouldn’t go!

And then you get a call advising you of (or see a picture of) your ex toasting it up and raising glasses at an event, having a good old time with his new boo! OR I know a girl who has been in ‘relationships’ with men who have NEVER been in relationships with her. PAUSE ~ I want to spend a few moments on this.

Sleeping with or going on a few dates with a man doesn’t make him your man, ladies. Far too often, I hear stories of women who thought they were in a relationship with a man who was just “kickin’ it” with her. As a woman, it is your responsibility to ask the question or have a conversation for clarification if you are unsure. Please do not assume. You know what that does. And for crying out loud, do NOT be afraid to talk about your life with a man who you think or WANT to be your man. Yes, approach and timing is important, but do not avoid the topic. I mean really, especially if you’re sleeping with this man. You should want to have a conversation with him about who else he is sleeping with (if anyone). Your life just might depend on it. PLAY ~

I remember an ex calling me to tell me he missed me and that the break up wasn’t easy for him. I felt so good when I got that call because at the time it validated the difficulty I was having with the break up as well. Today, while I know it has worked for me in the past, I realize that I probably should not allow someone else to validate my emotions! They’re my emotions; I need to keep them in check and understood.

One way for me to check myself is to try not to give any energy, negative or positive, to those who do not deserve it or those who are not giving me their energy!

Maybe it’s me, but I think far to many people focus on the wrongs things. Think about what is important to YOU. And honestly, importance is relative. What is important to one just may not be important to another…

And that grapevine stuff (I’d love to use another word here!) is NEVER important to me. If it don’t mess with my family/friends, man or money. Later for it…

Still laughing!



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