Some things shouldn’t be said during office hours and we aren’t talking about gossip or profanity. 

While in the workplace, there are words and phrases that should be irradicated from your vocabulary because they negatively impact how you’re perceived by other employees and management.

Here are four phrases you should stop saying in the office because really, you’re already a #GirlBoss and it’s time to own it.

“Sorry to bother you”

Anything that is important isn’t bothersome. Believe us. Don’t feel that discussing a plan, idea or concept that can better the business is ever an inconvenience to your boss. Be confident in the knowledge you want to share. Whatever’s on your mind should matter to your manager—no matter how big or small.  Helping to develop something that could benefit the company is never something to be shy about. 


Removing “just” from your vocabulary is a really good idea. Using the word suggests you lack confidence in your statement. “I was just wondering if you have a minute” doesn’t sound very authoritative. 

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“I feel like”

Have the confidence to say what you mean and allow it to have meaning. In the words of Kevin Hart, “say it with your chest!” Don’t sell your thoughts short. Believe that what you’re about to say is worth hearing and stick to it.

“It might be a bad idea…”

It may not be your best idea, but it’s never a bad one. Never label something negatively before you receive feedback. If you feel as if an idea or proposal isn’t as strong as it should be, try phrasing your thoughts to reflect that. Believe in your thoughts and stand strong in knowing that there is always room to grow and there is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking up.