Phoenix Police Under Fire After Officers Assault Baby, Threaten To Shoot Father ‘In The F—king Head’
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The Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department is refusing to release the names of police officers who assaulted a family during a May 29 encounter. At the time of the incident, the cops pointed guns at a mother and her small children, and threatened to “put a f—-king cap” in the “f—-king head” of the 22-year-old father, the Phoenix New Times reports. Dravon Ames, his pregnant fiancée, Iesha Harper, and their two young children, have filed a notice of claim against the city of Phoenix, seeking $10 million in damages. Witnesses captured video of several Phoenix police officers, apparently drunk on power, screaming, cursing, and attempting to pull Harper’s baby from her arms. Even after Harper pleaded with the unhinged officer to let her continue holding her 1-year-old daughter who has not yet learned to walk, the officer is heard demanding that Harper place the baby on the scorching hot pavement and put her hands up. “You’re going to get f—king shot!” an officer screamed, as Ames’ face was slammed into a police car and his legs violently kicked apart. Ames claims that one of the officers punched him in the back while he had him pressed up against the police vehicle, causing him to suffer physical injuries that prohibit his ability to work. The notice of claim also alleges that the couple’s baby girl was injured when the officer tried to snatch her from her mother’s arms. Trigger Warning: The video below contains state violence, police brutality, anti-Black and gendered violence. According to the notice: “The first officer grabbed the mother and the baby around both of their necks and tried to take the baby out of the mother’s hand. He told her to put the baby on the ground, which she was unwilling to do because the baby could not walk, and the ground consisted of hot pavement… the first officer pulled the baby by the arm to get her away from the mother, which injured the arm, in a condition known as ‘dead arm.’ Island (the couple’s 1-year-old child) has been having nightmares and wetting her bed, which she has not done before this incident.” Ames said the violent and unnecessary encounter began after his young daughter mistakenly walked out of Family Dollar with a doll. Phoenix police told ABC15 that the officer who verbally and physically attacked Ames is on a “non-enforcement assignment.” The officer who pointed a gun at Harper and her young children inside the vehicle remains on patrol.


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