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Philadelphia Mom Says Daughter's Hair Was Cut Out By Classmate

The 8-year-old victim is said to have reported it to her teacher, but mom Yamina Zahir claims her complaints are falling on deaf ears.
Philadelphia Mom Says Daughter’s Hair Was Cut Out By Classmate
Photo Credit: ABC6 Philadelphia

An elementary school girl from South Philadelphia is said to have had her hair cut out by a group of bullies, according to her mother.

As reported by ABC Action News, Yamina Zahir says her daughter has been negatively targeted by her peers at Commodore John Barry Elementary for over a year, but last week, their behavior towards her 8-year-old hit a new low.

Zahir’s daughter Amina came home from school last Wednesday with a large patch of hair missing. The young girl attributed her exposed scalp to a female classmate at school, who took scissors to the back of her head.

“Someone is really going to get hurt out of this situation,” a tearful Zahir tells ABC6. “She could’ve stabbed my daughter. Anything could’ve happened.”

Amina reportedly told a teacher about the incident when it happened, but no action was taken. Zahir then followed up with a guidance counselor and then police, but says her complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

“Nothing is happening. Nothing is being addressed,” Zahir says in her interview with ABC6.

For the schools part, they have released a statement to the news network saying, “The safety of our students is our number one priority. The school has investigated this matter. They found no evidence the hair cutting took place at the school. We at the school district take bullying very seriously. The school has no official reports of bullying involving this student.”