The Quick Read: Philadelphia Descends Into Chaos After Super Bowl Win
Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

Here’s today’s round-up of the buzziest news.

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl on Sunday and fans immediately went overboard celebrating. Images and video shared across social media show chaotic scenes, including a disturbing video of a man eating horse poop. People reportedly looted, rioted, and flipped over cars. (BBC)

Turns out the reason Jordan Peele quit acting is because of The Emoji Movie. The director recently shared that he was offered the role of poop, which made him reconsider turn to other projects. (Vulture)

A group aiming to flood Rotten Tomatoes with negative reviews of Black Panther has been removed by Facebook. The movie review site issued a statement following news that hate groups would target the film. Facebook issued its own statement adding that the group violated community guidelines. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Chance the Rapper is launching a Black History Month film festival through his nonprofit, Social Works. Residents of Chicago will be treated to screenings of The Wiz, Ali, Malcolm X, and of course, Black Panther. (Twitter)

Terry Crews says he has been threatened by an Expendables producer after filing a lawsuit against Hollywood agent, Adam Venit, for allegedly groping him in 2016. Venit is Sylvester Stallone’s agent, the star of the Expendables franchise. (Jezebel)

Kobe Bryant will appear in an upcoming episode of How To Get Away With Murder. The former NBA star confirmed the news Saturday. No further details have been released about his role. (TMZ)