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Phaedra Parks Talks Opening a Funeral Home

Phaedra Parks shares her dream of opening up a funeral home.
If you’ve been keeping up with the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” you know Phaedra Parks has her heart set on getting into the funeral home business. In the first episode, viewers watched Parks plan her great aunt’s funeral in Atlanta, Georgia. Now she’s looking to expand.

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When Parks and husband, Apollo Nida, stopped by ESSENCE.com, she opened up about her future plans to bury the dead.

“I developed a big desire to be in the funeral home business about five or six years ago,” she tells ESSENCE.com. “A lot of my friends unfortunately committed suicide, a few of them died of illnesses and a few were actually murdered. The planning of their homegoing services sparked an interest in me. It involved where I wanted to know the whole science of the mortuary business.”

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In the upcoming episodes fans should look to see this housewife takes the steps to get the business rolling. She says, “My family is going to open a funeral home. My mom is involved, my brother is involved and [Apollo’s] brother is involved. It’s going to be a legacy we can leave for our son.”

Could this be a good business move?