Phaedra Parks Is Having a Boy!
Michael Rowe

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks will be decorating her new nursery with the color blue.

The reality TV star revealed that she and hubby Apollo Nida are expecting a little brother for their 2-year-old son Ayden. Though they had hoped for a little girl the second time around, the couple is delighted and certain that Ayden will be too. “He’ll be a wonderful brother because he likes to help and he’s so smart,” Parks tells In Touch Weekly.

Despite sticking to a healthy eating regimen and working out, a second pregnancy hasn’t been easy for the Atlanta attorney and budding funeral home owner. “Doctors have diagnosed me with placenta previa, which means I need to be careful this time around because I can’t have a vaginal birth.” She plans to have a C-section in May.

Would Parks consider having more kids in the future, despite these complications? Absolutely! “I would entertain a third child, but I would have guarantee that it was a little girl. I think that would be plenty after that. I’m just super excited for this baby to get here!”