It looks like white folks are slowly learning that there are consequences for unnecessarily calling the police on people of color living their lives.

Our latest example? #PermitBetty who attempted to call the cops on a San Francisco street vendor, but realized it might not be the move to make when someone started filming her, the reports.

In a video posted on Facebook,  #PermitBetty, later identified as Renee Baker Felina, can be seen calling the police when a black man walks up and begins recording.

Upon realizing that a witness had started recording, she ended her call. 

“Sorry guys, they have to have the permits,” Folena says in the video. “If they’re trying to make a living here you would never be able to walk on the sidewalk.”

“Permit Betty, let’s figure out what company she’s with,” the man behind the camera, later identified as Derrick Miguel Perryman, say as Felina walks away.  

But it was too late! Just like #PermitPatty and #BBQBetty, all white women from the Bay Area who felt the need to call the cops on innocent people of color, the internet was able to track down Felina’s information.

She was identified as an employee of the San Francisco-based Yerba Buena Community Benefit District (YBCBD),  which said that it planned “to take appropriate action.”

She has since been fired!