People Lose it When a Science Article Suggests Superman Could Be Black
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People have a hard time accepting dark skin, even when we’re talking about fantasy and make believe.

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Forbes recently posted an article that suggested, based on scientific research, that Superman should actually have dark skin. The author of the article, JV Chamary, makes it clear that his research is based purely on science and in no way tied to society’s concept of race.

“Race matters for superheroes because it contributes to their identity,” Chamary says. “And over the past few decades, comic book publishers and movie studios have increasingly changed characters to reflect a society’s ethnic diversity.”

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He continued, “Rather than promoting diversity just for diversity’s sake, I believe the case for changing a character’s identity is made stronger if the rationale makes sense based on origins and powers. The change is more likely to be welcomed – and become permanent – if it’s based on logic, not gimmick. And that brings us to Superman.”

Then he dives in. The evidence that Chamary presents is that Superman is powered by solar radiation, the sun, and that on Superman’s planet the best pigment for absorbing light would be black. Chamary goes on to make the case that Superman should be black and that it would definitely make sense for filmmakers to cast a dark-skinned actor in the role.

But readers definitely had some feeling about it. Many took to Twitter to react to piece after the article’s comments were shutdown.

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Wow, is it really that hard to imagine a dark-skinned Superman?!

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