People Have Been Mistaking This Sheen Spray for Cooking Olive Oil

@thegradspot via Twitter

Twitter reacts to young Black girl mistaking oil sheen for cooking spray (oops)!

Toni Akindele Jun, 10, 2016

When there simply are no words for situational folly, Black Twitter always comes through in 140 characters or less. Coral, a London-based student, tells BuzzFeed how she discovered that her friend had been mistaking sheen oil for cooking olive oil.

While attending a BBQ at a friend’s house, the 20-year-old Brit noticed something peculiar in her friend’s kitchen.

Black Twitter Celebrates #BlackOutDay

Coral learns that night, that her friend had been using ORS Oil Sheen Spray as a cooking spray. Needless to say, it went viral when friend Roisin tweeted the message Coral had sent of the incident, and the reactions are exactly what you would expect:

The photo of the sheen spray incorrectly merchandised in the cooking aisle of a Walmart could be the explanation for Coral’s friend’s confusion.

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