People Have Been Mistaking This Sheen Spray for Cooking Olive Oil
@thegradspot via Twitter

When there simply are no words for situational folly, Black Twitter always comes through in 140 characters or less. Coral, a London-based student, tells BuzzFeed how she discovered that her friend had been mistaking sheen oil for cooking olive oil.

While attending a BBQ at a friend’s house, the 20-year-old Brit noticed something peculiar in her friend’s kitchen.

Black Twitter Celebrates #BlackOutDay

Coral learns that night, that her friend had been using ORS Oil Sheen Spray as a cooking spray. Needless to say, it went viral when friend Roisin tweeted the message Coral had sent of the incident, and the reactions are exactly what you would expect:

The photo of the sheen spray incorrectly merchandised in the cooking aisle of a Walmart could be the explanation for Coral’s friend’s confusion.

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