Paris Jackson Absent From Family Wedding
Getty Images

This weekend, the Jackson clan came together to celebrate Taj and Tayana Jackson’s wedding. However, Paris Jackson was not on hand to participate.

According to E! News, the ceremony went off without a hitch. Several invited guests crowded the family’s Hayvenhurst home on Saturday. Katherine, Joe, La Toya, Tito, Prince and Blanket were all seen enjoying the event.

A source at the wedding said it had a “family reunion” feel.

Despite news reports that Paris would be released from the hospital in time for the wedding, she remained at UCLA Medical Center.

“No one said a word about Paris,” said an inside source. “[She] wanted to come but they wouldn’t let her out of the hospital… I think everyone was trying to block it out and just enjoy the wedding. You wouldn’t know anything was going on, except that [Katherine] looked sad. She didn’t look her normal, happy self.”

On Friday, news sources reported that Paris may be spending the summer with her biological mother, Debbie Rowe.

There’s still no word on when Paris will be released from the hospital.

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