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A Comedy About Black Teen Girls Needs Your Help!

Filmmakers Lauren Domino and Angela Tucker are raising funds for their comedy film, "PAPER CHASE."

Comedy films with a focus on the life of Black teens are not readilty available to audiences these days. That’s why Lauren Domino and Angela Tucker have developed the project, PAPER CHASE.

The feature film is centered around a young woman named, Alicia (Alexis Clark), a well meaning idealist who is preparing to leave her New Orleans hometown to venture to Atlanta’s fictitious Kensington University. While Alicia has plans of going off to reinvent herself, an unpaid college dormitory balance puts a halt to her school bound ambition.

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With the help of her mom, Valerie, and equally eccentric best friend, Jamila (Olivia Washington), Alicia takes on the challenge of finding a way to sponsor her dreams by any means necessary.

Much like the attitude of the film, the writer and director duo are too on the chase for the funds to tell their own creative story.

The two, who have worked together on projects such as the web series, Black Folks Don’t, and a feature length documentary (A)sexual, have developed a Kickstarter campaign to garner attention and support in the making of the project.

The project has a goal of reaching $50,000 in funding by Dec. 4 in order to begin filming in New Orleans by summer 2016. You can fund it here.