What are you doing for date night? Dinner at the same restaurant, maybe a drink at your favorite bar or a movie at the same theater you always go to? “Tried and true though it may be, sometimes dinner and a movie needs an update,” Yahoo Shine nudges. Simply put, “tried and true” is getting tired and lame. It’s time to switch it up. “New experiences can stimulate those first-time-we-laid-eyes-on-each-other butterflies,” Shine continues. If your date night hasn’t changed since that movie theater down the street opened, Shine has created a list of “20 outside-the-ordinary, surprising dates to spark romance.” Here are some of our favorites: “Wine tastings, classic or DIY-style” Find a winery or microbrewery or pick up a few half-bottles and have a private “blind tasting” at home. “Laser Tag” This may not be the most romantic activity, but it will get your adrenaline and your endorphins pumping, which will make you and your man feel happy and carefree, like you did before the mortgage, the car note and the kids came into the picture. “Look at the stars” Visit your city’s planetarium and “connect the dots of dozens of constellations.” “Go on a first date again” Pretend it’s your first outing and enjoy the “hot, flirty, getting-to-know-you banter,” you used to share. Tell him you’ve never met a guy like him before and make him work hard for that first kiss.  “Jam together” Find a new little jazz joint and let the music move you or just sway to the tunes of “a piano player at a nearby hotel.” Get into a groove and keep the good vibes going when you get home.  “Leave it up to chance” Get in the car or strap on your walking shoes. At random intervals — every third stoplight, say — flip a coin to determine whether you turn right or left.” Who knows where you’ll wind up.  Get the whole list at Yahoo Shine!