The resemblance between actors Orlando Jones and Tyler James Williams is not hard to notice.

The rise in popularity of the photo generated “game”, which matches photo matches people with their celeb look-a-like, questions arose about the possible paternal relationship between the Sleepy Hollow and Everybody Hates Chris stars.

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When accusations went a little too far, Jones took to twitter to hilariously clarify that he is indeed not Williams’s father.

The laughs didn’t stop there either.

When Jones did his own fellow celeb match, the comparison’s were so priceless he had to change his Twitter bio saying he was, “Not the little boy from Everybody Hates Chris. Not Solange Knowles. Not Orlando Bloom. Not Juwanna Mann. Not Jeff Goldblum in blackface. Not Mos Def.”

We needed this Monday chuckle. Thank you Tyler James Williams’s dad—we mean, Mr. Jones.