Take a look at why we’re reaching for a cup of black coffee:

  • Oprah said goodbye to millions of viewers yesterday. She recently opened up about her show during her ABC exit interview. The queen of all media talked about connecting with folks and what she’ll miss. “We wanted to create a show that let people know that they were not alone. We wanted to tell the stories of people like ourselves so that I can see my story in you and I could feel struggles in my own through you. I miss my connection to a community that really embraced me in such a way that allowed this national platform of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to become what it is,” she said. Simply heartwarming. Thank you, Oprah. Also, after the last show, she went to a private dinner at Chicago’s Spiassia including Stedman and Gayle — a total of 18 people were invited. [Necole Bitchie]

  • Diddy will be honored by ASCAP for his amazing contribution to music. He’ll be presented with the Founders Award and it said to be the most “prestigious” of all the awards presented. [Boom Box]

  • Although Barry Bonds has been through hell and back with his steroids trial etc., he’s looking to put a smile on kids’ faces. He will pay for college education of the injured Giants fan Bryan Stow’s kids. Bonds visited Stow last month after the attack. [Eurweb]

  • Jennifer Lopez isn’t sure if she’ll be back for “American Idol.” “It’s too early to tell,” she revealed. Apparently, everyone signed multi-year contracts except her. Will she return? [FOX News]

  • Amar’e Stoudemire just doesn’t do basketball and fashion nowadays. He may be looking to get into movies as well. According to reports, he may be in talks to executive produce “The Strangers 2.” [NY Post]

  • It’s Thursday morning and we’ve got a great new song for you to hear. It’s from songwriter Lonny Bereal featuring Kelly Rowland and it’s called “Favor.” Check it out…

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