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Oprah Receives Honorary Degree in South Africa

The talk show host receives an honorary degree in South Africa.
You’ll have to address her as “Dr.” Winfrey from now on.

An emotional Oprah Winfrey accepted an honorary doctorate of education from Free State University in Bloemfontein, South Africa today. It was a groundbreaking moment for the talk show host because just a few years ago, the historically white college was at the center of a tense race relations scandal.

After she received her degree, Oprah addressed the five Black students who were humiliated when white students recorded a video mocking them. Since the incident five years ago, the university has made a dramatic turnaround to become more tolerant.

“What has happened here at Free State in terms of racial reconciliation, of peace, of harmony, of one heart understanding and opening itself to another heart is nothing short of a miracle,” said Oprah as she welled up with tears. “It is truly what the new South Africa is all about.”

Congratulations, Oprah!