Oprah in Australia

Oprah’s Trip Down Under

Oprah Winfrey is having the time of her life. The billionaire talk show host recently touched down in Australia for an eight-day all expenses-paid trip for 302 lucky audience members. And in the true Oprah fashion we’ve come to love, she’s doing everything big, from climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge to taking audience members to experience the outback.It’s not all fun and games for this shrewd businesswoman. Oprah’s visit is a caluculated move by the Australian government to get more American visitors on it’s shores. The trip is partly funded by the tourism board, and so far, the “Oprah effect” has been nothing but fruitful.Take a look at Oprah’s trip down under.

Sail Away

Oprah sailed the Sydney Harbor on actor Russell Crowe’s yacht, the Eagle Rock. “I’m having the time of my life,” she told reporters.

Build a Bridge

Don’t look down! Oprah and 249 audience members climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a record for the most people to ever climb at once. .

Ultimate Adventure

Thousands lined up to greet Oprah at a public event at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia. The talk show host said she was honored by the warm Aussie welcome.

Happy Guest

Oprah gets love even in the land down under. “When we looked around the world, our greatest fan base was right here in Australia,” she said. “So I say, let’s go to the people who support you.”

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Warm Welcome

A local tribe elder welcomed Oprah by presenting her with a traditional necklace. I’ve never seen a welcome like this in my life,” said the queen of talk.

Good Times

A warm welcome, 302 happy audience members, and good Australian food and wine, what more could a girl ask for?

Top Chef

Local celeb chef Curtis Stone gave Oprah a taste of a real Aussie barbie (barbecue). We’re sure it was bloody good, mate!

G’day Mate!

Elvis the koala held on tight to Oprah on her first day in Australia. That’s one smart koala.

At the Opera

Australian officials honored the billionaire queen of talk by renaming the Sydney Opera House (behind her), the “Oprah House.” Fierce!