It’s Friday and as we head into the weekend, we are reading these top headlines.

  • It looks like Oprah is nicely settling into her new role as CEO of OWN. The Big O shared a photo of herself at her new desk, writing, “Here I am ‘CEO-ing’ in my new office at OWN in LA!!” Oprah sure looks thrilled to be doing what she loves, although we’re certain remodeling that office is going to be on the top of her list! [Oprah’s Twitter]
  • Alicia Keys has signed on to work on her first Broadway project. She will co-produce the play “Stick Fly,” which chronicles the adventures of an affluent African-American family who come together to spend a weekend in Martha’s Vineyard. The play debuts in December. [Broadway]

  • Record exec Kevin Liles is using his summer vacation for a good cause. He’s launched a Summer Business Academy for Students at Morgan State University, where high-school students will spend two weeks learning entrepreneurial skills. [All Hip Hop]

  • Brandy is filming a documentary about her meteoric rise to fame in the 90s and life in the spotlight. “On My Own” sheds a new light on the singer’s career and even hints that the star is ready for her big comeback. Take a look at the clip as you start off the weekend! [That Grape Juice]