Oprah Tweets About Swiss Racist Shopping Experience
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Oprah says that the clerk who refused to show her a luxury handbag did her a favor.

Earlier this week, Oprah shared the details of a racist shopping experience in an upscale boutique in Switzerland shortly after watching her friend Tina Turner get married.

“Turns out that store clerk did me a favor,” tweeted Oprah. “Just found out that bag was $38K!! She was right I was NOT going to buy it. Other than the handbag diss. I had a GREAT time in Zurich.”

Apparently things went awry when with billionaire asked the clerk to see the pricey bag. “She said: ‘No, no, no, you don’t want to see that one. You want to see this one. Because that one will cost too much; you will not be able to afford that,'” Oprah shared on Entertainment Tonight. “And I said, ‘Well, I did really want to see that one.’ And she refused to get it.”

Not long after Oprah shared her experience with the media did Swiss tourism officials issue an apology, reports New York Post. “We are very sorry for what happened to her, of course, because we think all of our guests and clients should be treated respectfully, in a professional way,” said spokeswoman Daniela Baer.

The owner of the boutique also issued an apology and blamed the incident on a miscommunication.