There’s no doubt that Oprah has the ability to influence and change the world. It’s a given that her true gift to the world isn’t fabulous television, but teaching.

For one solid hour, Oprah spoke about her life and shared life lessons with the world via Facebook.

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During the hour, she revealed what she thinks is her life’s purpose. “My goal is to connect with people and have them see for themselves the greater possibility in life.” And just like that, the life lessons and words of inspiration began to fall from her mouth.

But perhaps what struck us most was the revelation of what we all desire in life. According to the Queen of all media, what we desire isn’t material things, money, cars or luxury vacations, but “the fullest, highest expression of ourselves.” How’s that for thought?

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She says that everyone won’t be able to have the number one talk show or become the CEO of a company, but you can achieve the fullest expression of yourself by being your authentic self at every moment.

So with that, are you living your authentic life?


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