Oprah Reveals What’s Inside Her Magnificent Harpo Studios Closet
Jake Rosenberg

For most people a walk-in closet at home is a sign of making it, but a ‘work closet’ is pretty much unheard of. Oprah has just elevated all of our #closetgoals.

Granting the ultimate access to her amazing Harpo Studio closet, the media mogul showcases her home away from home to The Coveteur, as she prepares to say goodbye.

Vibrant colors, top-notch designers and a healthy amount of space characterize the closet, but we’re really in awe of her shoe game!

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Take a look at Oprah’s magnificent closet in the gallery above.

See something you like? Starting March 1st, Oprah will be hosting an eBay sale where you can snag items from this shoot.