Forbes released its annual 100 Most Powerful Celebrities list, and Oprah Winfrey and Rihanna are on top – sitting comfortably at the number two and four, spots. Jennifer Lopez nabbed the top spot for the first time in her career.

The rankings are determined by fame and money. The star’s level of fame is calculated by their media visibility across all platforms. Forbes also takes into account the celebrity’s social media power. Income is strictly based between May 1, 2011 and May 1, 2012. All noted salaries are pre-tax amounts.

Oprah, of course, earned $165M dollars despite her struggling network. However, her other projects and spin-off shows have earned her a hefty chunk of change. The OWN creator’s press rank was 13 out of 100, her web rank was 19 out of 100 and her overall social media presence was 18 out of 100.

Although Rihanna didn’t earn as much cash as Oprah, her press, web and social media rankings were higher – snatching the number two spot on social media.

Other notable entries include Tiger Woods at 13, LeBron James at 15, Beyoncé at 16 and Tyler Perry at 20.

Click here to see the complete rundown of Forbes’ Most Powerful list.

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