The premiere of the movie “Precious” had more than Oscar buzz going on–there were style statements. I must say, your friendly Beauty Director loved, loved, loved the tight, ultra-chic dos worn by Paula Patton, Mo’Nique and Mary J. Blige. Their “close heads,” as I’ve now begun to call them looked so modern and effortless.

It’s moments like these that spell change. Right now “big hair,” says “you’re trying too hard,” and I say why? Whether you work a cool crop like Mary or sweep your hair back or off to the side–no matter the length–keeping your look simply glammed and polished says it all. Believe me, it’s better than making the big stretch or trying to pull something off that takes you out of your comfort zone for a “one nighter.” 

Here is a great takeaway: As we enter the holiday season, let’s not over think it. A big night out, does not call for big hair. What it does call for is for you to have a great time and a chic do. Close or tight looks put your beauty in the spotlight. I say go for it.–Mikki Taylor