Omarosa Manigault is known to do and say what she wants, but this time, she’s facing some consequences for her actions. 

According the New York Daily News, the former Apprentice star tried to take wedding photos in the White House when she tied the knot in April. Manigault reportedly marched her 39-person bridal party through 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and no one — not even secret service — had any idea she was coming. 

Apparently, the 43-year-old Trump aide didn’t give the heads up to senior aides and officials that she had any interest in taking photos on White House property grounds, including the Rose Garden and in various locations throughout the West Wing. 

Without having prior permission, Manigault — who serves as the Director of Communications for the Office of the Public Liaison — was forbidden from posting any of the photos taken on the internet due to the security risk. 

Manigault and her groom, pastor John Allen Newman, wed on April 8 at the Trump International Hotel in the Nation’s capital.