<p>Omarosa Manigault Booed At National Action Network Conference</p>

The mention of her friend, President Trump, wasn't received so well.


It seems that many are still not here for Omarosa Manigault’s relationship with President Donald Trump.

During the National Action Network annual convention in New York City this week — which began with the statement that the annual convention, led by the civil rights organization and Reverend Al Sharpton, was a “resistance,” — the White House advisor took to the stage, and naturally, there were few fans in the crowd.

Manigault spoke about her work during the 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, and specifically mentioned her with work with the Trump administration on historically black colleges and universities. Considering the campus backlash across the country when HBCU presidents met with President Trump back in February, those remarks fell on deaf ears. On a more positive note, Manigault also asked for NAN’s help with clean water for the residents of Flint, Michigan.

Manigault received boos and groans when she closed her speech with these final remarks:

“I am looking forward to continue to partner with you, continuing to work on behalf of the National Action Network of Los Angeles, but, more importantly, the president of the United States.”

On behalf of Blacks and women, Sharpton asked Manigault to send a message to President Trump that those groups are “seeing a disaster in Washington, D.C.” in Trump’s first 100 days of office.

Although Manigault decided to leave the conference after her speech, attorney and CNN commentator Angela Rye spoke afterward and had the best response ever for the White House adviser.

“The truth is, when you tell somebody that you’re going to fight for them, I’m going to tell you how not to fight for them,” Rye said.