Omari Hardwick Challenges Rudy Guiliani’s Comments on #BlackLivesMatter
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Power star Omari Hardwick would like to meet with former New York City mayor, Rudy Guiliani, face to face to address the comments he made regarding the Black community.

Speaking on CBS’ Face the Nation, Guiliani said that Black children are a bigger threat to each other than the police are to them and advised Black parents to tell their children “to be respectful to the police.”

In a Facebook live interview with HuffPost, Hardwick challenged Giuliani’s remarks.
“Former mayor Guiliani said – he didn’t articulate it as such, but this is the word in essence that he was insinuating – it is counterintuitive, counterproductive to say Black Lives Matter, you should say Black Lives Matter too, because all of these other lives matter.”

“For Guiliani’s ignorance to be of such, at the age that he is, and having lived the life that he’s led,” added Hardwick. “For him to not understand that what you’re dealing with is that no other person or persons within our country…are being targeted at such a rapid gross rate – there’s no need to say Black Lives Matter ‘too’, because no other lives have not mattered.”

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Hardwick is rightfully outraged by “the people who are in very high positions of power who make such ignorant comments.”


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