It seems that spending the last two months behind bars has sobered 61-year-old O.J. Simpson. The football great arrived in court today in blue prison attire to receive sentencing after being convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping and assault in October. Simpson’s attorneys initially asked that he be released on bail pending appeal, but the judge in the case wasn’t feeling it. Instead, Simpson received a 15-year prison sentence, reports Based on 12 counts and the severity of the kidnapping charge alone, Simpson and his codefendant, C.J. Stewart, could have faced up to life in prison for their participation in the 2007 confrontation.

Simpson addressed the court and apologized for his part in the ordeal where the NFL star and several of his friends, armed with guns, forcibly retrieved sports memorabilia from men in a Las Vegas hotel room. Simpson argued the items were stolen from him.

“I didn’t want to steal anything from anybody. I just wanted my personal things. I was stupid. I’m sorry,” said Simpson.

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